Sunday, December 3rd, 2000 | 17:15
This one's called "Oh Me"


I hate the stuff (when there should be words)

When you're alone it's nice.


I love staring into people's eyes.

I feel as if I can see so much more than I'm supposed to.

Maybe I'm just imagining things.


She said she's sorry.

I don't understand.

She shouldn't be.


I'm feeling very disjointed today.


I could almost sleep.

So serene.

There aren't supposed to be any words.


I got my first roll of film back. Most of the pictures suck. "Are You Ready" turned out nicely though. I need to be more conscious of lighting.


I know something is bad for me but I do it anyway, just because. It seems like a habit lately.

I hate the way Fruit Loops destroy the roof of my mouth.

I hate bacon and pepperoni (and all other meat for that matter.)

I hate what beer does to my body. (I appreciate what it does to my head.)


I had a long talk with my mother as we took Cookie for a walk. It was nice. Things are really strange between us lately. I think I might have grown up a little. She hasn't. We talked like people and not like relatives.


I feel as though I should elaborate on the things I write here. I always throw out random thoughts and such without really going into detail and writing (what I feel is) enough about them.


"No, I'm Thing One; That's Thing Two,"

"Cover your hair and your eyes then."



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