Monday, December 4th, 2000 | 18:13
fuck you

I went to the Rideau centre today after school to pick up my bus pass because my local convenience store (who is my regular supplier) had run out. I got to the door and the lady in front of me walked right in, not stopping for the two teenage mothers walking the other way with their strollers and screaming children. I brushed her off as a stressed out, middle-aged woman with somewhere to be twenty minutes ago. I held the door open for the two girls, neither older than seventeen, and they both walked right past without even an acknowledging glance. I brushed them off as busy people with too many important mistakes to take care of to worry about little things like common courtesy. I knew where I was going and what I wanted and walked quickly to the lottery vendor who sold, among other things, my much needed bus pass. Every tenth person I passed ran directly into my bruised shoulder and continued walking as if I wasn't even there, wincing in pain. I brushed them off as inconsiderate people who can't be bothered to say "I'm sorry" or even watch where they're going. I arrived at the store and went to the back of the line to wait my turn. Person after person walked right past the line and bought whatever they needed while I stood beside them, waiting for the only lady working there to realize that I had been standing there longer than anyone else. I brushed them off as greedy assholes who didn't give a fuck about respect or courtesy. I gave the lady working there a very irritated glance and she asked me what I wanted. I told her and she ripped the bills from my hand and slapped the little piece of paper as well as the 2.25$ in change on the counter and turned to the person behind me in line, ignoring the woman standing beside me who had just walked up. I brushed her off as a bitch with no respect for the people who are going to be paying for her fucking pension check in five years. I walked towards the bus stop. If another person had run into my shoulder I would have tried my best to break their fucking nose, and it showed on my face. No one hit me. I waited twenty minutes for the bus and another twenty-five to get home. All the seats were taken but when one was freed, I gave generosity one more chance and let the obese woman with the grocery bags sit down. She didn't even look at me for a second. I brushed her off. I should have kicked her. I got off and walked the last ten minutes in the cold for ten minutes to calm down. I got home and called the doctor. They were closed. I'm not going to be able to get that reference letter before Thursday when I go see the psychologist. Fuck. Fuck stupid people. Fuck mean people. Fuck inconsiderate people. Fuck ungrateful people. Fuck me. Fuck you.

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