Sunday, December 28th, 2003 | 16:12
The new Year is heaving upon us. BOOZEM

The New Year will still occurring at my house. BUT NOWHERE ELSE!!!
So tell your all-fiends. Show up whenev. BUT ONLY AFTER SIX PEE EMM!!! or whenev.
You are cordially invited to a New Year's Eve soiree at my humble abode! Bring chums and all the potent potables you canmustard. Festivities begin at six pm.

They are invited cordially too soiree yearly at my modest domicile, new of the previous evening! Bring the friends and all drinkable effective you canmustard. The festivenesses begins at six P.M..

They are cordial too much soiree annually invited in modest, new mine domicile of the preceding night! It brings friends all and efficient drinkable you canmustard. Festivenesses starts in six P.M..
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