Wednesday, February 19th, 2003 | 23:21
I'm so trendy, it hurts.

My sister is going to take her driving test tomorrow so naturally, as she practiced today, I would yelp, "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!" whenever it seemed like she was hesitating. You know, just to make her feel comfortable. I think she really appreciated it.
"This just in: I can't read!"
"Are you sure about that? You seem to be doing alright."
"Yeah, I'm positively agfnukgh ao ghouaf gdha fu hufgah uagho uadfoi!"
I found me a plastic battle-axe. With it, I assault people between classes. Walker beware, you've got a stalker. (It's Imagetchu, the stalker pokemon.)
I've got me a faux-hawk, because I'm intentionally lame like that. I've also got the speaking skills of a giraffe and the social skills of an africanized bee.
OMG! It's Joey Lawrence!
OMC! How bizarre!
Hey kids, have you heard the news? It's hip to be square again! Take out those piercings and throw on an argyle sweater-vest. Then someone will like you enough to love you and marry you!
pi-bonded my mittens to my jacket

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