Tuesday, June 5th, 2001 | 23:44
race you?

Did you hear my head hit the desk? Figures?


On another note, keeping the driveway ornament (1989 Volkswagen Fox) is starting to sound better and better every minute. Proposed (hypothetical) modifications/repairs (once it's all mine):

Third gear (currently non-existent)
Paint job/rustproofing (black maybe?)
Passenger side mirror (currently held in place with 5-min apoxy glue and a folded piece of paper)
Power steering (maybe)
New rims (or at least some nice hub caps)
Rear speakers (perpetually crackling)
Re-attach dent-preventor to passenger side door (that big plastic strip that (here's the shocker) prevents dents from other parked cars)

And the final thing: Tow it to the garage so they can figure out why the fuck it won't start.


Now all I need is a name for it



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