Monday, November 10th, 2003 | 22:20
Going down swinging with a whimper.

Reading everyone else's shit only helps me realize how shitty my own diary is.

Ok, how the fuck long have I been spelling it "realise" and why the fuck hasn't someone told me by now?!?! I swear to god I looked it up at one point and it was spelled with an S. Christ almighty.
Twenty-three fucking times!!! That's a "2" followed by a "3"!!!!!!!!!
I'm a little irked. I'm overtired but underworked and my backpain is getting worse by the hour. I can't bend over and I'm contemplating taking the very important day off tomorrow. I'll end up going to class and failing my in-class essay.

Analyze the following sentence.
"I woke up this morning to someone having sex with me. Then I saw a cool movie. Oh man......... That was a COOL movie!"
AND my cough is getting worse!

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