Saturday, April 13th, 2002 | 15:11
I think this was good for me.

The sky was gold, it was rose. I was taking sips of it through my nose. -Third Eye Blind (Semi-Charmed Life)
Twenty minutes ago, I felt connected to everything. Now, I can't do anything right.
When the light that hits the room starts fading, a subtle whisper in my ear is all I'm asking. -Kevin Cadogan (Separation)
I'm real full of it. -Bush (Testosterone)

So I've been sitting here, lying with my eyes half open, thinking about myself.
I would starve myself, but I get hungry. I would cut myself, but I hate blood.
Everything just kind of grates. -Bush (40 Miles from the Sun)
She felt like velvet. -Bush (Alien)

I hear things other people can't. Or won't.
A lot of the time, people just aren't listening.
When they get what they want, they never want it again. -Hole (Violet)
She could write things with it, like "Hate: Priceless"
Killed for fun. It's fucking funny, don't you think? -Matthew Good Band (Everything is Automatic)
deniable asset says:
have you ever heard the pumpkins' landslide
Keel says:
The day after halloween, when everyone puts the jackolanterns in the trash and they all come falling down?
deniable asset says:
Towards anti-social. Solo, solo. -Nirvana (D7)
A pound of flesh....Start at the lovehandles.
Promise is promise. An eye for an eye... Whatever you do, don't tell anyone. -Queens of the Stone Age (The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret)
You're my favourite of my saviors... And the situation wasn't quite as intense as I thought. I need you around to remind my when not to be calm. -Nirvana (Blandest)
In the end, will they say they saw it coming, or that they're totally shocked?

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