Sunday, January 21st, 2001 | 20:36
I breathe it all in...

I feel the need to **********

If you were I, you would **********

If I were you, I would **********

If I had cancer, it would be cancer of the **********

My favourite tooth is **********

When I die, I want **********

My mind is **********

These questions are **********


Things to ask yourself (and then (maybe) send to me).


I feel like writing a story of some sort, but I'm not sure how.


I sit and I wait for the inspiration

To do something

With my life.

I clipped my nails this afternoon

Before I could bite them.

I didn't want to scratch the ones I might love.

But I'm no confidant.

I can't keep a secret very well.

I'm not even looking where I walk anymore.

It seems rather useless. I know where I'm going.

And to think, I might just be fine.


Tha twa skin daran domi fidos ays omys elf.


I have fun with myself (and my body, but that's another story.)


I'm always thinking that you're always judging me.

Are you?



Mind your own business.

If you see that I've sold your soul,

Try not to complain.

You won't even notice it's missing.


I don't want my responsibilities. Though sometimes, it's not so bad.


I try to be honest. Can you tell?


Talk to me.


Revolving door for a heart.


You know what I mean. Don't pretend you dot your eyes.


I would like to be the drunken wise-man from the Magnolia bar.


The moral of this story? Yes. Are you sure? Yes. You really want to know? YES. You aren't going to like it. In that case, don't tell me. I don't want it to ruin my day. Tell me tomorrow when I don't feel so well. Are you sure? Yes. Ok. Later that night, the automatic shut-off turned on.


Live with a purpose and live shamelessly because in the end, if that's all you have, you'll be so fucked over that you will be beyond caring


I am capable.


But what do you mean, I asked. Silence. Because you didn't know, or because you didn't want to tell me?


I want to be used by you.


If you wreck me and my head and my hope and my heart, can you then say that you were only a boy, just flesh and bone? Can you not admit that you were more than you ever thought you could be?


I breathe it all in and spit it back out, as best I can



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