Wednesday, January 10th, 2001 | 22:45
Excuse me while I go not have an orgasm

Cookie bit my hand when I tried to take away a piece of meat that she had stolen from the garbage. She chomped right into the tendons (or something on the back of my hand). It hurts.


I went to call Leanne. She wasn't home. I have a bad habit of not leaving messages with people (or machines) when the person I'm trying to contact isn't around. I think it's stupid.


Still with stupid things (namely me), my tummy hurts and I think it has something to do with the three Popsicles that I ate in rapid succession about an hour ago. It was the Popsicles' fault though, as they are so damn tasty. I ate two lime-flavoured ones and one raspberry, and all three were cream-filled. They were really good at the time.


I got home and the first thing I slooshied was my brother's friend Oliver screeching and hollering. It wasn't really that bad. We played (I beat him at) Tony Hawk 2 many times while they tried to convince me that guys don't have orgasms and women don't masturbate. All I could do was laugh.


I had a very bad morning.


Naked and loving

I missed you today

Sleeping beside me

You're so far away

I close my eyes,

So very alone

The empty inside,

It seems to have grown

Lying in bed,

You cry and I moan

I'm still awake,

And I'm still alone


Fuck off

And rape me again

Feel the pain

Feel the burn

Feel your species

Falling to pieces

Start it up

To shut it down

Tear him down

And pass it around

Lovers of love

And the sickly disease


I like my media rare.


But a very good afternoon.


I have no poetry but a smile, you see.


I will ask thee once

And once over 'til death


Pieces of me in all of you

And pieces you of all over me


See me like me

For all that I am

And all that you aren't

Blind as the lab rats you test


Broken like glass,

The windows we were


Chicken scratch a masterpiece


The art of the unintentional mind-fuck


Feed the birds

The birds and the bees

You will have to say please

For your cheese


I think I'm quite comfortable with my relationshipial status at the moment.


As am I with my religious beliefs.


I need a real job



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