Wednesday, January 23rd, 2002 | 21:46
Three foot cracks and sticky beverages.

Does anyone know the connection between this site and a page containing recommended dosages for PCP?


The family car had had a coke splatter on the inside of the windshield for a few months. Today, we replaced the windshield instead of wiping off the coke.


She says no no no no no no. She don't want no double life. She says I should know why. She seems happier at night - her colour TV and her chemical smile. I don't want to know the reason why. She says Jesus owes her money. She says the angels are her friends. -Everclear (Chemical Smile)


I take your word like it was gospel. I'm so eager to please. -Everclear (You Make Me Feel Like a Whore)


I want foof

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