Friday, August 31st, 2001 | 2:29
stupid moon, making things all screwy

Holy shit!!! School starts in five days. I'm not particularly stressed about it, mind you. I have everything I need, or thereabouts. I haven't done any back-to-school clothes shopping, though I never really did. Anyone who actually cares that I am still wearing the same clothes I was TWO FRICKEN MONTHS AGO I probably don't respect enough to associate with anyway.


Thursday night has been officially christened Pool Night by Joe "LJ" Noganosh and Alessandro "El Sancho" Colantonio


I almost volunteered this diary for a review, but then decided not to. I could have gotten a bad rating and I didn't like the idea of looking to someone else to determine self-worth. [I'm not sure which reason had more influence.]


I keep forgetting to take my little blue happy pills.



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