Monday, May 13th, 2002 | 21:55
"I do not want what I have got."

Normally, I'm content with going unnoticed by more or less everyone. Today though, every time no one paid any attention was a kick in the knees, a punch in the stomach.
I'm on my time with everyone. -Nirvana (Pennyroyal Tea)
Let me run with you tonight. I'll take you on a moonlight ride. There's someone I used to see but she don't give a damn for me. -Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (You Don't Know How it Feels)
"You could always just sit back, do nothing, wait until you're disappointed and then wallow in self-pity. It works for me"
I have some very bad habits that I wish I could change.
This has nothing to do with what you think, if you ever think at all. -Nirvana (Radio Friendly Unit Shifter)

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