Wednesday, April 17th, 2002 | 22:17
"You could have it all. My empire of dirt."

Someone has been trying to kill me all day.
Actually, it started yesterday, with a justified twenty-five dollar parking ticket on top of the scorching heat and general mental anguish. This morning, I discovered a juice box had been leaking in my bag for about eighteen hours. Maybe half an hour later, I got a second parking ticket. Five minutes later, I was brutallly massacred by a chemistry quiz. I ate lunch outside in the blazing sun, trying to cool down, with little success. I skipped my third period class as an act of self-preservation. I showed up for math, just itching to feel stupid. It turns out my course selection sheet was lost and I haven't technically been attending the right class since February 4th. After school, I was previledged enough to spend an hour and a half hanging out in the auditorium, painting crooked set-pieces in the sweltering heat. The only way to possibly cap off a day like this is to get cut off in barely-moving traffic (it boggles the mind). And nobody knows bad timing like Mom, so she stopped by to ask for money.
All your mental armor drags me down. Nothing hurts like your mouth. -Bush (Mouth)
Steph and Steph also have impeccably bad timing.
"Do you know anything about He and She going out?. They were looking a little too friendly."
I played calm, trying not to freak out and have all the arteries in my head explode.
It's just the way you said it. -Third Eye Blind (All Right Caroline)
"Take the world and make it yours again." -Matthew Good Band (Symbolistic White Walls)
Addendum: Because of my luck, I decided to write and save this entry in Word. Lo and behold, when I went to post this, it deleted everything.

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