Sunday, November 26th, 2000 | 21:12
Magickal nostalgia tape

Things that I like: Rediscovering cherished memories from days gone by.

I was looking for something to distract me from a book I'm supposed to read in French class and I decided to listen to Blue by Third Eye Blind (I am fully aware that album only came out a year ago.) which prompted me to go even further back to when I loved Transformers (I still do, don't worry) and played with the toys. So I made a raid of my brother's room. (That is where I put most of the toys that I tell myself I've grown out of.) I found a whole ton of little Transformers and a fairly large Optimus Prime, though the accessories (rifle, trailer, etc) had been shipped into the basement, according to my brother. So we both decided to make a little journey into the pit of Old. I found many a token of my earlier days. I found a couple of Micromachines, a weird plastic spaceman-type figurine whose left arm is shorter than it's right as I tore off a gun that he once held, and a tape, though no transformers or accessories.

The tape, however, made all the cobwebs and dirty-box lifting worth my while. It was a tape that I listened to at least twice a day, everyday through grade six, seven and part of eight. I found it the first time near the stereo, looking for who knows what. Wanna know who it was. I don't know (it was a homemade tape). It's some punk band from the early 90's, I suppose. It's totally amazing. (Though I might just think it's great now because of the nostalgia factor.) The rest of the tape has other musical staples of my early adolescence (Alanis-Your House, first album 3eb, other stuff I really liked. (I'm not that far into the tape.) Holy crap, it's Lazy Eye-Goo Goo Dolls. Holy fuck. I loved this song so much I bought the Batman and Robin Soundtrack for 20 buck solely for this song. Sweet Bajeebus!!! Damn. Haha, I sound so stupid. I'm giddy as a schoolgirl:-) I put Sarah McLaughlin-I Love You on the tape too. I really like that song. I've been listening to it for about a month when I go to sleep. It's very soothing. Alanis-Perfect is the next song. I still like that too. I don't remember it being so drummy and guitary. Meh, It's still good.

And once again, it goes to "Your House". Yeesh, I was something (for lack of a better word) enough to put the same song on one side of one tape three times. *tisk tisks at his eleven year old self*

On the other side, it starts with half a second of "Superman's Dead" then cuts to "Monkey Wrench" by Foo. *smiles because he assumes it is somehow appropriate for the situation* I've been listening to that for at least a month too. The Colour and The Shape is an amazing record. Hooray! It goes straight to Hey, Johnny Park!

I'm writing as I listen, therefore I am forced to ramble in the time in between when I identify the song and when the next one starts.

I don't think this is going to turn out to be very well written. (Somewhat related side thought: I wish someone (of authority. Friends don�t count.) would one day say tell me that I have no potential. Maybe then I'd do better in school and stop trying to subconsciously prove them all wrong when they say I could be so much more. Just a thought)

Next are "My Poor Brain" and "Wind Up". I think I might have just left the room or something. It's not like me, even at eleven, to put four�make that five ("Up In Arms" comes next) sequential songs on a tape in sequence (I am fully aware that that sentence is just wrong. I think it's a really-bad-grammar day.)

Fuck, "Hero" is next. I like this album, but if I wanted to listen to it, I'd go do that now. Want to be surprised, dammit. I want more memories, not "hey, I was listening to this three days ago, but this time, it's really bad tape quality!" Grrr.

I'm not actually that mad, just kinda irritated at my pre-pubescent self:-)

Weird. "Hero" ended, "See You" played for about two seconds, and then it jumped right into the middle of "Clumsy" by OLP. That ended and now it's "Hello Oskar"-The song that directly follows "Clumsy". If this starts again, I will just fast forward through the rest.

That was meant as a threat to the tape, but there's nothing it can really do about what is already recorded, now can it?

Hey, wait a second. That wasn't "Clumsy" it was "4am" as "Clumsy" just started. And I'm fast forwarding through it (I warned you). I don't know what the title of the song in between "4am" and "Clumsy" was but I think it started with an S. I listened to the last half of "Hello Oskar" and now I think it's "Let You Down". I'm getting really irritated with the consecutivity (not a word, gotcha).

Does anyone else think it's weird that I still know the names of all the songs and most of the words? I haven't listened to this album in at least a year or so. It's really depressing. (though it doesn't seem to be getting me down now.)

Hey, it's "the Story of 1000 Aisles". I think I liked this song. I remember not knowing what Anacin was.

But I don't really want to listen to this anymore. Grrr, the next song is "Car Crash", still keeping with the "entire album" theme.

On the topic of OLP, I really like their new song. And I like the video even more. It's utter genius

Is anyone other than me getting tired of my ranting about this damn tape? I thought so too. There doesn't seem to be anything after "Car Crash"

Sorry for putting you through that, but if I take that much time writing something that long, damn right I'm gonna post it.

My humblest apologies.

My new task is to ask every single person I see if they recognise the Nameless Punk Band.

(Almost eight months later, I found this.)



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