Tuesday, December 5th, 2000 | 23:03
subliminable bush

I was frantic earlier because I couldn't find anything I wanted. I thought I lost my indie Everclear CD (twenty-five fucking dollars) and my new Dandy Warhols CD (free with a gift-certificate) but I found them both after half an hour of screaming and pacing and rummaging of the dirty desk. And now I know where all my CDs are (minus the booklet for "Beautiful Midnight"-Matt Good

This morning I picked a random homemade tape off my desk and it turned out to be Muddy Banks´┐Ż I was pleased. I'm putting indie Everclear on the end. It's only a 33-minute album, so it fits perfectly on a ninety-minute tape. It's grunge-orifice! (The spellchecker made me change it from "-o-rrific".)


*Still laughing out loud about his grunge-orifice tape*


I have a hole in the bottom of my sock. It feels funny up against cold metal.

I just thought you'd like to know


My mom took my sister out for Chinese after buying her a snowboard (why yes in fact, she did get new skis last year). She brought me a fortune cookie. I held it up to my ear and it said "Your winsome smile will be your sure protection." Talking cookies tend to confuse me, so I ate it.



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