Wednesday, May 7th, 2003 | 22:20
My puppy has a mushroom cut.

I clicked this link, not expecting it to let me post because, lately, that's the way the cookie breaks off and drowns in the glass of milk, only to be found when the milk has been drunk but by that point the cookie is so saturated and mushy that you don't even want to eat it anymore. But some people do. I think it's a little strange, if only because it's like eating pre-digested cookie. It makes me feel a little bit like a baby bird.
I smell like dirt and I wasn't planning to add an entry but I figured it wouldn't let me anyway so I clicked and I ended up here.
My brain is leaking out my ears. I hears with my ears.
So I walked up and I was all like, "Hey guys, guess what I have! I went up to Toronto and now I've got SARS! All for myself."
They were all like, "Pfft! Whatever. SARS is sooo not cool anymore. It was out, like, three days ago."
"C'mon guys," I was like.
They were like, "It's always something with you. First, you had chicken pox, like, RIGHT AFTER we did! You're always trying to tag along. Like, just last year, you were all like, 'Ooh, I've got West Nile Virus. I'm gunna, like, die.' Get a clue! like, Omigod. West Nile is only for infants, the elderly and the very sick. Nobody like us would ever be caught dead with West Nile."
I was like, "I'm just trying to get along. I thought you thought SARS was the best. You said it was killer."
And they were like, "Yeah, well we changed our minds. It's so not killer. It's terribly uncool and lame, so we went out and got ourselves AIDS."
I'm terribly uncool and not really that bright. Pay no mind.
But go to Toronto, you weinies! AIDS and cancer will kill you. SARS is paranoia. Get a grip.
My mom had my dog's belly shaved after a bath.

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