Tuesday, March 13th, 2001 | 19:42
When you're wounded

Don�t fucking touch a thing!!!


Father is out of town until Monday and took his computer with him. I am stuck writing entries on Mother�s bilingual government-issue laptop, complete with francophone keyboard.

? is SHIFT+6 (replaced by �)

� is SHIFT+ , (replaced by ` (as seen in �, �, �)

� is SHIFT+2 (replaced by ` (as seen in �, �, �) (yes, that is the exact same function for two different button(combination)s


I am in the mood to run around or jump or something. I have been sitting around a lot lately. I have grown antennae, four more legs and have moved to a colony...sorta (antsy).


Feral days and I�m sex crazed. I put it in with my animal ways. That�s the sign I was born to be living in. I ran around and gave the finger to the Ritalin -Third Eye Blind (A Thousand Julys)


My legs are itching like you might believe.


I�ve been thinking about signing up for the brand-spankin� new Gold Membership. It�s not that I actually need it or would make use of any of the benefits, aside from the free banners. The idea of (whoring and exposing don�t seem like the words I�m looking for, so something else) myself to exponentially more people makes me smile.


I laugh when younger siblings give me ultimatums. I don�t think it�s the reaction they are going for.


�So how have you been?�

Dumb things to say in 6 east: Assessment


The grandson of an alien wears his snakeskin boots. He shows his reptile roots�and it�s all right. It�ll be a long night. �Third Eye Blind (Darwin)


The bruises that you feel will heal and I hope you come around because we're missing you. Third Eye Blind (Wounded)



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