Thursday, June 8th, 2006 | 0:24
Friggin' weird indeed.

...and then Guy Smiley says, "This is your life!" and everyone I've ever met walks backwards through my day. I'm just waiting for a letter or a handshake or a phonecall from S. Westerberg or the doctor who slapped my ass as a newborn. Then the episode will be complete.
Friggin' weird, eh?
I've still got a little feeling going. Aside from the "Wednesday" feeling. That's different.
I have Wednesdays off. I start them late- later than 6am- later like noon-ish. I intend to do tons of things but unless those things involve other people, the list doesn't seem to shorten. I do laundry and sometimes shop a little, but the day is very rarely memorable. I get to work on Thursdays with nothing to show for my absence (but a little peace of mind).

I almost deleted this (because today was an anomaly).
That's why it's bigger in the past.
Gender Blender was the most fun I've ever had at an Ultimate tourney. Evah.
And before I forget, y'all gotta watch this brief video if you love the game. If you don't play, there is a slight chance you might not find it as funny.
Flick attack, motherfucker.
Just getting my reference on.
(Or strapping on a y-bag?)

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