Tuesday, March 9th, 2004 | 1:26
I live in constant fear of being exploded.

So, Becca and Ainsley ain't comin' round no more. Tentatively, no more Byron either. Steph's got 'sponsibilities though...
Serve: I'm just sick of the bureaucracy. It's high school. Give them a break. They're just kids.

Return: True. They are trusting you with thousands of dollars in electronic equipment though.

Backhand: That does not necessarily mandate a "No Fun, All The Time!" attitude.

Volley: There will always be rules and resposibilty attached to privileges.

Volley: When the responsibilties start to overshadow the perceived benefits, people will stop showing up.

Slice: They know or should know, more or less, what they're getting themselves into.

Lob: No one will want to sign up for a club where they know they will be constantly stressed, overworked and completely unappreciated (My mirror might know a guy.). If we don't let them socialize a little bit, where's the incentive to join at all? The idea of "experience in a prospective (but unlikely) field of employment" isn't the biggest carrot you could dangle in front of a fifteen year-old.


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