Sunday, January 7th, 2001 | 18:30
to make or become cheeselike

I want to be able to speak Nadsat


Would being 'ill' make me so much different than everyone else. -Someone worth admiring


I like lint. (This is not an attempt to glorify lint. It is just a statement)


I'm like smiling all stupid-headed.


I seem to have misplaced all my school supplies. My father says they might be in my office.


I started writing this one at four o'clock.


Vitamins for email

Opiates for diaries

Amphetamines for bands

Hallucinogens for music

Barbiturates for time-killers

Withdrawal for you-know-who

Nootropics for the wise


I'm feeling rather good


And I'm still smiling all stupid-eyed



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