Wednesday, April 2nd, 2003 | 2:14
crazy foraboutbecauseof a girl

I don't know where to begin. I went home because I was in such a great mood. I put some lead into Naomi Watt's face and kicked a bunch of stuff. Came back to school, aced a test and took fifteen Tylenol 1s. Lay on a table for the entire Trivia Team Lunch Hour, listening to Matt Good way too loud and staring at the sound of fluorescent lights. Spent the afternoon with Katie, telling her how much of a fuck-up I am and...
The words just don't want to come. Suffice it to say we talked for a few hours about the way things are and could be if only I weren't so stupid, I went home, threw up, bought the new White Stripes to cheer me up, put in on tape and frustratedly tried to put my watch back together in front of Joe's fifty (50) inch penis, I mean, television.
My stomach hurts like a wrecking ball.
Also, who the fuck is stealing all my money. I have an account balance of -0.83$ There is no way I spent 350$ in a month!

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