Sunday, April 6th, 2003 | 4:04
Put a rug on a chainsaw and shine the hell out of your shoes.

Next time you're looking for a good time, stick your car in neutral at the top of a large hill. Get a few friends, open the doors and pretend you're all bobsledders.
I smacked into the curb tonight and ten minutes later, the emergency brake warning light came on. This is doubly strange because it doesn't come on when the emergency brake is actually on.
I think it's a sign.
Yeah, winter, hey it's me, Al. You know, I don't think this whole snow-in-April thing is really working out. I think it would be best if we were to see other climates.
No no, don't get me wrong. I still like you and all, but I just think it's not where I want to be right now. We can still be friends, right? Maybe I'll see you in a couple of months or something. Anyways, goodbye.
Seasonal breakup

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