Saturday, February 28th, 2004 | 1:44
I can't keep sticking my finger in my eye.

Montreal was nice. Getting lost with no place to go was nice. The rocking was nice. The other rocking was nice too. Making it there in an hour and ten minutes was nice. The Biodome was nice. Getting swindled and duped was not so nice, but everything else contributed to a wonderful twenty-four hours.
I won't be coming over tonight, honey. I'm too tired and I have to be up too early and, frankly, I smell really bad. I love you and I wish I could sleep that extra hour with you but it isn't going to work tonight. I'd call but people sleep nights in your neck of the woods.
Napped on the couch before ultimate. Woke up tired and drove. Played abnormally level-headed, with my wrinkled red shirt and my shorts up past my belly-button.
I need a haircut. Your wish is my command.

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