Saturday, March 6th, 2004 | 2:16
I am a rolling hill of moss and self-esteem issues.

So I had a bad game. I was not invincible.
Shit happens, right?
I come home, get on the computer and then decide that I�m a little hungry. �Haven�t had a bowl of cereal in a while,� so I grab the cheerios, pour the milk and sit down. I put the bowl on the table beside me, not wanting to take any risks. After a few, I get irked with the inefficiency of turning and hunching a little to shovel processed grains in my mouth, so I pick up the bowl. �It�s not like I�m going to drop it or anything.�

So I dropped it.

I dropped it all over myself. I wanted to cry. I wanted to sit down in the middle of the floor and weep and mew the way people describe around here but I doubt they actually go through with. I didn�t though I didn�t automatically laugh the way I would had it been any other time.
It soaked through my pants, into the chair. The cereal itself landed either between my legs or on the floor. A few dozen Cheerios landed on my legs aswell. Once the milk had soaked into my pants, the cereal was (almost) amusingly fused to my lower half. They followed me into the kitchen to get a mop, broom and dust pan, when I crouched and even put up a little bit of a fight when I tried to pry them off.
Since no one was downstairs, (it was a half hour ago) I stripped and put on my Ultimate shorts. I left my socks on. In frustration, I peeled a mashed Cheerio ( I stepped on it) off the bottom of my pants and threw it away� right into my backpack. *irked*
I cleaned up, moved the computer to the kitchen and started a new entry. I touched the computer and it turned off immediately, the way it is wont to do. I restarted and poured a new bowl of cereal. Finished the whole thing without spilling any.
I like Katie�s hair and not my own.
(I think it�s cute and so is she.)
(I�m not really that hard on myself... I think.)
I did something to the tendon in my right elbow, Ultimately pulling with a hammer. It hurts.
Hurry, hurry hard, eh.

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