Friday, February 9th, 2001 | 23:04
I am a big ball of disease

I hadn't updated in a while and therefore was unaware of the layout change Diaryland has undergone. I only have one thing to say: Holy funky missile-riding ebola monkeys Batman! I like it!


I have developed a large fondness for the word EBOLA. EBOLA. (say it with me) E-BO-LA. heh heh. Ebola monkeys.


I am sick and it's pissing me off. I figure I have ebola but no one believes me. The guy (a doctor, not just some guy) said that it might be strep throat so he took a throat culture. If that comes back negative, however, there's a very strong chance it could be mono. I'm cheering for strep.


I was bought cool popsicles.


Being stuck at home on a Friday night lets you realize a couple of things.

a) Friday nights alone suck

b) Friday nights alone without a movie suck more

c) Friday night TVee (or TeeV, whichever bugs you more) sucks

d) My brother is a lunatic



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